Chasity Snowden

I am a Southern Girl from Northwest Georgia that moved to Florida where I believe I may have always belonged. I am truly calm near the ocean which is the opposite of my high energy outgoing personality. My passion has always been fitness and sports but I have not always been fit.

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My Story

From a young age I was a gymnast and played all kinds of sports but In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease, bi polar 2, had eating disorders, and gained tons of weight to 175 lbs. Over the next 10 years I battled disordered eating, was cleared of the crohn’s disease, and lost the weight to 105 lbs to compete in bodybuilding. After bodybuilding, I found Crossfit and went to regional’s 3 times and the Crossfit Games as a Masters athlete in 2018.

​What brings me passion now is showing my clients that whether it is changing their health, their aesthetics, or their performance, anything is possible with enough time, consistency and determination. I truly have lived it and I live for helping my clients face their fears and find their authentic selves. Creating the Fearlessly Authentic Movement and dreams of the tribe inside this movement is now my purpose.

My Mission

At the point when that voice creeps once again into my head, there’s one idea that generally moves me along. It’s the point at which I recollect WHY I began this excursion. You understand what that “why” is for me?

It’s you.

My central goal is to assist that with little voicing in your mind disappear as well. For you to murmur to yourself when you are nearly surrendering, “Really, I can.”

This is the second that you will find that the individual you assumed you were is no counterpart for the individual you really are, and off by a long shot to the individual you are going to turn into.

I accept that we are fit for uncommon things. I’m focused on supporting and engaging individuals of varying backgrounds to carry on with a sound, adjusted way of life.

Through my preparation programs, wellness challenges and dinner designs, I want to open your actual potential, so you can accomplish the body and objectives of your fantasies.

Haven’t arrived to simply change the scale… I’m here to assist with transforming you!


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