Brittany Gonzalez





I was an exhausted Mama of 3… I knew there had to be a better way to live & be an active, happy wife & Mama. Going through the Foundations & getting the education catapulted me to change I never thought possible. So much so that I had to share with everyone I knew!

As I began my health journey and losing some weight, I noticed I had more energy and wanted to begin moving my body. A friend talked me into trying out a CrossFit class & I was instantly hooked. The community & camaraderie within the CrossFit space is unlike any other fitness I’d ever tried before.  

Being a Mama to my 3 kids is by far my biggest achievement. “The days are long but the years are short” is a very true adage. I want to exemplify to my kids what it’s like to be a strong, happy, healthy wife & mom. To show them that with consistency & dedication, anything is possible.

Travel anywhere! Sing! Play guitar! Wear anything besides Crocs 🙃 Visit kid-friendly breweries! Jump out of airplanes, zipline… I’m a bit of an adventure junkie 😉 

Mexican food… all day errday. 

Give me chips & salsa & throw some guac, I’m a happy girl. 

1. Collagen, I used to drink creamer in my coffee many moons ago… but have loved adding this in instead as a quick, tasty way to get in my protein!

2. Phormula 1 has the BEST tasting high quality whey protein shake I’ve ever tried… hands down.

3. Ignition is a quick way to add those carbs in for my workout recovery after my intense strength building days.