Chasity Snowden


Where You Live:

Boca Raton, Florida

Background in Fitness and Nutrition:

A gymnast from 16 months till 12 years old – Competed Level 8

Competitive growing up with softball, swimming, diving, basketball

Also soccer, track & field, and cheerleading

2 Bikini competitions in 2019

3x Crossfit Regional Competitor

1x Crossfit Games Athlete

I have been obsessed with fitness and nutrition for most of my life

Personal Story:

There are typically three parts to what people want inside of nutrition and fitness.

Health – Weight Loss – Performance.

I have conquered all three.

This is why I believe I am equipped to help many people along their own journey 

I see them – Because I am them.

Favorite Part About Coaching:

My favorite part about coaching is when someone realizes their life is completely changed because of working within my company. They no longer have the shackles of “good and bad” food. They go to a party and enjoy it for the people there instead of being enslaved at home because of some diet they are on. When they finally see the light … that they have the power to design and enjoy their life while reaching their body goals.

Favorite Client Success Story:

There are so many – but currently, it is an ongoing story. I get to speak to a beautiful woman every day that finds the journey of losing weight exciting instead of depressing. She has lost about 50 lbs with about with another 40 to go to reach her ultimate goal – but every single day she gets excited with her wins. If I could duplicate her perspective and bottle it, I would start there with every client.