Where You Live:


Background in Fitness and Nutrition:

Played competitive tennis as a kid until my early 20s when I moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue my passion – sports and fitness. Studied personal training and fell in love with crossfit. Changed competitive tennis for more lifting and gymnastics and became competitive crossfitter. My personal weight and performance struggles brought me to work with Chasity as a nutrition coach first. I learned valuable lessons from her that further motivated me to learn about nutrition more and also help people the same way she once helped me.

Since leaving Australia after 5 years and moving back to my home country of Slovakia I’ve been working as a personal trainer and a nutrition coach for people all over the world. I’ve changed my fitness goals as well. Instead of exercising fast I decided to get strong again and I compete as a 76kg weightlifter.

Why Did You Become a Coach:

Coaching for me is a great challenge. I love seeing hard work paying off, no matter the results. My clients are my motivation and I will do anything for them to succeed. Consistency over perfection is the way I try to lead all my clients. Changing their daily habits for the better and eventually changing and improving their lives in all aspects is what we all work towards. Destination is not important, important is what you learned along the way and how you use this experience to make you a better version of yourself.

What is Your Favorite Part About Coaching:

The ability to change people lives, improve their health, mindset and the quality of their life.

Favorite Client Success Story:

I get so excited about clients that experience a completely changed mindset around food. I have a client who has completely trusted the process and eventually got to see the results we aimed for, winning an online challenge with proper dieting while others tried all sorts of fad diets.

She now has a new body and a new mindset. She now does not believe that the only way to lose weight is starving and is eating more food than ever. Her relationship with food changed completely and she realized there are no “bad foods”. In addition to that her life improved drastically – no more mood swings, improved sleep, way more energy for her little son. In her words “the sun came out again”.