Health - Weight Loss - Performance

Typically this is what most are looking for when they come to a nutrition company. The reason I am the last coach you will ever need is because I have conquered all three. 
In my early 20’s, I was treated with anti inflammatories for an auto immune disease affecting my colon, treated with anxiety and depression medication for bi-polar 2 and panic disorder, and treated for chronic sickness from allergies. Luckily in 2006 I found produce in a capsule which was the catalyst for change in my health. From 175 lbs and sick to standing on a stage in a bikini at 103 lbs. in 2009 I beat the health issues and went all the way to competing in two bikini bodybuilding shows. I was still struggling with the eating disorders and mindset issues although my health issues had dissipated. In search of more active communities and more sunshine, I moved to Florida and came across the sport of Crossfit. I went from 120 lb brand new to crossfit in 2013 to in 2018 competing as a master’s athlete at the crossfit games at 150 lbs. 
And in 2018 I finally kicked my eating disorder and was set free. 
What I realized in 2019 when I created my company is the only way I was able to conquer health issues and reach my aesthetic and performance dreams was to actually face my FEARs. Over and Over I kept pursuing what I feared. And the only way to Face your Fear is to be completely honest with where you are and where you want to go. 

The most powerful person in the room is the one with nothing to hide.

In Facing my Fears…And Becoming completely Authentic by hiding nothing…I was able to move toward any dream I had. 
I have paved the way…
Now I ask you to Join my FearLessly Authentic Tribe 
Its a movement for a reason … We do not hesitate …