One On One Coaching

Coaches only takes on a select few clients for individualized coaching.

Relationship to Food, Binge Tendencies, Mindset of Dieting, Daily One on One Accountability, Eating Disorders.

Catered Service for Your Busy Schedule. 

They are fully committed to helping you understand how to achieve your goals for the rest of your life.

In Addition to Personalized Coaching… 

You will also receive the following benefits.

The Last “Diet” and “Coach” you will ever need.

Learn the Foundations of Nutrition.

Learn how to course correct no matter what happens. 

Be A Part of the FLA Movement Tribe Facebook Group.

Invitation to bi-yearly excursions to meet Chasity, the Coaches, and the FLA Tribe. 

Learn the Lifestyle instead of a Temporary Fix.

Lifetime Support of FLA Tribe Community.